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A Community That Has A Lot To Offer

Welcome to the Village of Glendon! You can expect to see a lot in a small village. To The World’s Giant Perogy and to a year filled with festivals, Glendon isn’t a community you should overlook. During the summer, you can come see the Glendon Derby and MudBogs and the car show that is held every year in August. Being apart of the Lakeland, the surrounding communities will come and support these special events as well.

Glendon is a great place to live with its small town atmosphere and community spirit. We encourage you to stop by and explore the Village of Glendon.

– Laura Papirny – Former Mayor of Glendon

Est. 1920

Glendon’s History

From the historical sign in Pyrogy Park:

“In 1920, among the first of a group of settlers who filed on homesteads in this area was the Spencer family from Merfield, North Dakota, USA. Mr. Michael Spencer, his wife, and their three sons, Michael, Jay, and Eddie, took up a homestead 3 or 4 miles south of the present site of Glendon. At this time, the nearest post offices were at Rife and Therien – both some miles away. Mr. Michael Spencer, with the help of other homesteaders, succeeded in getting a post office about half way between the two aforementioned post offices. The post office was located in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Spencer, located one mile south of the present Glendon site. When the question of naming the post office came up, and his friends suggested it be called “Spencer”, he would not hear of it. Instead, he chose the name of GLENDON. Glendon was his Irish mother’s (or was it his wife’s) maiden name, and to Mr. Spencer, the name had a nice ring to it. In 1928, when the railroad came through, Glendon was put on the timetable as “Alcock”, after an early trans-Atlantic Flyer. The people of Glendon, however, would have none of this. The CNR timetable changed the name “Alcock” to Glendon, and the name GLENDON, has prevailed.”

–Taken from “So Soon Forgotten: A History of Glendon & District”

Project by: Glendon & District Historical Society and The Village of Glendon in partnership with Alberta Historical Resources Foundation